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Writer's block

I've been writer's-blocked on the next chapter of Another Prisoner, Another Professor for almost two years now. O_O It doesn't help that I've spent most of that time off my regular medications. (Another few months until Marauder Junior hopefully gets weaned...) I'm actually at the point now where I have some time to update it, but I am blocked, blocked, blocked. I know what's happening later in the fic, but I need to get past this part.

Okay. You are Harry Potter, age thirteen - AU Harry, but still essentially Harry. You go into your dormitory and you realize that someone has opened your trunk and stolen the Marauder's Map. Clearly, you're going to tell Ron and Hermione. Because you are AU!Harry, you've known Sirius for several months now - he's the current DADA professor, has never been to Azkaban, and now you know he's your godfather and you're going to live with him over the summer. (Remus Lupin, on the other hand, is an escaped prisoner, but you and Sirius have recently started to believe he's innocent, even though neither of you quite knows how.) You, AU!Harry, are not supposed to be keeping secrets from Sirius. He does not know you ever had the Marauder's Map, and you don't know that he's Padfoot. You hope to get the Map back and not even have to address whether or not you should tell him that this map that could leave evil people right to you has been stolen from your room. As far as you're aware, you, Ron, Hermione, Fred and George are the only people aware that you had the Map.

What's your strategy for how to get the Map back? Where do you even start?


Jun. 10th, 2015 05:18 am (UTC)
I'm sorry for commenting here as an unknown stranger, hope you don't mind that.

I would probably assume only a Gryffindor could have stolen the map, and search the whole tower while everyone else was at lessons or a feast, or secretly get Dobby to pose as a Hogwarts elf and search for it himself under the pretext of "cleaning". Maybe Hermione could try a summoning charm on the map?

I'm so glad you're still working on Another prisoner, another professor (really it's so amazing there needs to be fanfiction written about it.) You're more dedicated than teachers in my school :)
Jun. 10th, 2015 09:10 pm (UTC)
Unknown stranger comments are fine. :)

I think I've got the map thing figured out...now I just have to finish the chapter and post it. It's about half done. :)


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